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animated cartoons

 The Series

1. Dragon Car Show

coming in April

When Peanut Prodigy's mom wakes him up and tells him to go outside and feed the dog, rake the leaves and wash his dad's car, he sulks and complains before doing so. But while raking the leaves, his imagination tells him that the car wants him to drive IT! So, he follows his instincts and takes off in the car. He runs over the curb and hits the trash can, but the excitement of driving causes him to keep going. Now the question is, "How far will he make it, considering he has NEVER driven a real car before?"


Take a ride and find out. 

prod TV_edited.png

coming in may

2. Scratchy Cat Fight

One early Saturday morning while feeding his dog Coop, Peanut Prodigy climbs over his backyard fence after hearing what sounded like music coming from his neighbor's yard. When he gets to the other side, he is met by 2 vicious and angry cats that are ready to claw him and eat him alive. 

prod TV_edited.png

3. The Hidden Burger Bacon

coming in June

While searching under his bed, Peanut Prodigy discovers something unusual. He soon finds out that what looks and tastes like old bacon is actually a broken piece of magic wand. After tasting it, Peanut Prodigy is magically hurled into a mysterious place where everybody looks like cheeseburgers. 

prod TV_edited.png
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here I come!

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