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Gregory "Greggo" Atkins is the owner and founder of ATKINS ARTHOUSE, a creative art company that specializes in fine arts, digital graphics and illustration. Atkins is a professional artist who has been developing art such as paintings, advertisements and digital media for more than 20 years. He has created art for U.S. Presidents, celebrities, professional sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies. He holds a M.F.A degree in painting from Miami University, a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, and a Career and Technical Education certification from Texas A&M.   

Atkins has taught art in colleges and public schools for more than 20 years. It was working with children when he was first inspired to write and illustrate children's books. Passionate about educating and molding their minds in a positive way, he feels that children's literature is one of the first windows to exploration and inspiration. 

An Arkansas native, he currently lives in Dallas, Texas.


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NOTEPAD OF PEANUT PRODIGY was created in 2019.


After speaking with many groups of elementary and middle school children within public schools, I began developing the character, Peanut Prodigy. I turned my focus toward this endeavor because I recognized a serious, educational need. I realized that these children and many just like them had a strong desire to read and learn, but they lacked interest due to the content found in much of their learning and extracurricular materials, specifically books.  

My goal was to create a fictional character that was relative to the realistic lives and challenges that many children face each day. It was my desire for children to have an opportunity to read a comprehensive and entertaining book that could ultimately advance their reading skills while empowering them through stories that they understood and enjoyed. I also wanted kids to see themselves within the characters and understand that there are real, positive solutions for many of their own challenges and struggles, whether at home or at school. 


I hope, as they read and collect these books they will discover meaningful answers and solutions to the abundant uncertainties that they will surely face.

Although Peanut Prodigy engages in many idealistic values within his world, he is not without problems, which are often outlined in the entire Notepad of Peanut Prodigy series. Because these challenges address many of the negative social and personal issues that children encounter, the stories are filled with lessons that offer solutions, hope, and a sense of appreciation.


- greggo 

Notepad of Peanut Prodigy is much more than a graphic novel series.


It is a NEW opportunity!

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