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He's one of the coolest kids at school and his name is Peanut Prodigy. His favorite colors are red, blue, and lime green and every other cool color that exists. His favorite foods are chocolate cake, donuts, cheeseburgers- no  mayo, strawberry milkshakes, spicy tacos, flavored water, and kool-ade pickles. Peanut likes healthy foods too, like oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and potatoes - the fried ones!​ Six is his lucky number. Nobody really knows why, but every shirt that he owns has the number 6 on it... even his pajamas.

Even at a young age, Peanut has explored many things, some good and some not so great. He can be found almost anytime with his best friends, Chico, Jewel and Sue Cake, when he's not alone writing or drawing in his notepad. He carries that thing everywhere he goes. Peanut and his friends often play video games and visit the library to check out cool books to read, but spend most of their time outdoors doing Kid Stuff. One of his favorite things is helping others in any way that he can. He helps his neighbor, Mama Rhodes take her groceries in the house every Thursday. He passes out graded papers for his teachers. He even help the neighborhood shade-tree mechanic work on people's broken cars. 

Peanut loves dancing, going to car shows to see the nice, shiny rides with the big wheels, hang out at the park playing basketball, and just chillaxin in his neighborhood watching weird people doing crazy stuff... and I do mean crazy! He also loves school and realizes that getting a great education is one of the best things that a young person can take advantage of. 

There is so much fun stuff that goes on in Peanut's World that only he can tell you about in his "Notepad of Peanut Prodigy" book series. So, make sure you get your copy today and find out what's up with this energized kid.​ Trust me... you'll stay tickled!

See ya there! 

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